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On September 19, 1963, On the steps of Hurt Gymnasium, located at Morgan State College, Twelve Afro-American males founded Iota Phi Theta Fraternity and created the:

Since its creation the Alpha Chapter has been a symbol and model of what the founders had in mind when it was conceived. As new members are embraced in the sheer excellence of IOTA steps PHI THETA, they can look to the past and always seek guidance from the older and more mature brothers in Alpha Chapter. The brotherhood that exist in the "Mother" Chapter has been displayed by all that belong to her as they grow inside and outside of the Fraternity. As we obtain success in life we will never forget what it means to be an IOTA or an ALPHA CHAPTER Brother. Our members have gone on to create new chapters and bring awareness to others of what Iota Phi Theta truly represents.
We were founded during a period of change and over time have influenced change ourselves. Whether it be inside or outside of the Afro-American Community Alpha Chapter Brothers leave there mark.
Alpha Chapter brothers realize just how short of a steps period of time it takes to become a brother and just how long it takes to become a good Brother and a Man. As we strive to obtain the purpose our founders set forth for the fraternity, such as; Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood.We are Proud To Be Iotas but Just as Proud to say....We Are Alpha Chapter Brothers.

"We are the Beginning But Not the End". Let us remind ourselves of the Brothers that have been embraced by IOTA PHI THETA by way of Alpha Chapter. As we continue to:

"Build a Tradition and Not Rest Upon One."

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