Alpha Chapter Brothers
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The Awesome Alpha Chapters' Brothers
fALL 99 There are currently 14 financial and active brothers that belong to the Alpha Chapter. They are Desmond Stewart, Grant Coleman, Earl Moorman, AJ Gonzalez, Tim Williams, Malcolm Liverpool, Danny Patton, Howard Perkins, James Hill, Reggie Johnson, Major Massenburg, Terry McNair, Jason Roberts, and Terry Mcclellan,. These brothers come from a variety of different backgrounds, have different majors, unique talents, and personalities. Spring 00 Together they form one of Morgan State’s most diverse organizations on campus.

A Fraternity or any organization is only as good as the members that are part of it. The Alpha Chapter takes pride in bringing strong, intelligent, responsible, and dedicated brothers into Fall 01 Iota Phi Theta. We were selected Morgan State University’s Outstanding Male Organization for 2001 - 2002. Our members are active on the campus and after their time is served at the Alpha Chapter go on to be productive citizens. Iota Phi Theta was founded to "Build a Tradition ... Not To Rest Upon One", that principle is always on display through our brothers’ actions. While maintaining full time jobs, our brothers constantly excel in and outside the classroom. It takes a man to be a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, so now lets view the men that make up the Alpha Chapter.