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The Awesome Alpha Chapter Sweetheart Auxillary
The Awesome Alpha Chapter's Hearts Pages.
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Alpha Chapter Hearts Any strong Iota Chapter needs a strong Iota Heart base. The main purpose of Iota Hearts is to help in community service projects and assist in organizing events that the Brothers Of Iota Phi Theta are sponsoring. Here at the "Awesome" Alpha Chapter that traditon and support continues to live on. The Alpha Chapter is proud of the Twenty-Seven Young Females that currently belong to the Alpha Chapter's Iota Hearts. We would also like to say thankyou to each and every special woman that has lent her support to this wonderful organization of Iota Phi Theta, but we would like to give a special thanks to those who have become Iota Hearts by way of The Awesome Alpha Chapter. We are the beginning but not the end.
Ow-Ow and an Ow-Sweet

The Heart Bear