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The Awesome Alpha Chapter Sweetheart Auxillary
The Awesome Alpha Chapter's Hearts Pages.
Iota Phi Theta Sweethearts are a recognized, respected and honored tradition of the Fraternity and have a long history of affiliation with Iota. This history harkens back to the days of our Founding and the circumstances of the day. In the early 1960's at Morgan State University, Iota Phi Theta was blessed to have an invaluable ally in the person of Miss Audrey Brooks. Miss Brooks was a member of the Morgan State University staff and in this capacity, she played a crucial "behind the scenes" role for the Fraternity.  In many instances, her actions and influence prevented the fledgling organization from being victimized by those who would have seen Iota fail.

Ms. Audrey Brooks In addition to her graciousness and kind spirit, Miss Brooks had a vested interest in Iota Phi Theta's success because her son, Bro. Wesley Jennings (4 Alpha 64), was a member of Iota Phi Theta's first Pledge line!

In recognition of her efforts, Miss Brooks was granted the title of "Eternal Sweetheart", a title she wears proudly to this day. A feisty, yet gracious lady in her late 80's (she will never tell us her exact age - when asked, she tells us she is "99 years old!"), Miss Brooks continues to support Iota Phi Theta and is a frequent guest at Iota National Conclaves and workshops. More importantly, she serves as a "Surrogate Mother" to Iota Phi Theta. She considers all Iota Men to be her sons and all Iota Sweethearts to be her daughters! 

The spirit and dedication of Miss Brooks lives today through the Iota Phi Theta Sweetheart Organization and with good reason. As Iota Phi Theta navigated the rocky waters of our early years, the Brotherhood could always count on the support of our Sweetheart organization. Be it serving as hostesses for a national meeting or as a support team at a stepshow, our Hearts have always been there - on the front lines - providing vocal and moral support for the Brothers of Iota. Today, Iota Sweethearts (many of whom are wives of Iota Men) continue to support the organization in a major way.

Like many things about Iota Phi Theta, our Sweetheart organization represents a departure from the norm as practiced by other organizations. Most notably, Iota Phi Theta Sweethearts do not "pledge." They are selected through a specific set of criteria as defined in our Official Sweetheart Directive.

Additionally, the Iota Sweetheart organization is not to be seen or construed as a substitute for a Sorority. In fact, thousands of Iota Sweethearts have gone on to join NPHC sororities. Iota Phi Theta is an avid supporter of the sororities of the NPHC and their activities. To this end, we frown upon any activities by our Sweetheart Organization that might be seen as competitive to or disrespectful of these organizations.

In a Sweetheart Workshop held during the 1999 Iota Phi Theta Conclave, Miss Brooks stated, "The Purpose of Iota Sweethearts is to smile and be gracious on behalf of Iota. Anything else is inappropriate." As in all things, we endorse Miss Brooks' view on this subject wholeheartedly.

Iota Sweethearts hold a special place in the hearts and minds of the Brotherhood and we are dedicated to their uplift, support, and respect! (Information Provided By The National Director Of Iota Phi Theta, Kevin Benett.)

(Click here to view the Official Sweetheart Directive as published in June of 1999)

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